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Rendezvous With Mubasher Lucman

On Fridaythe 9thof February 2018 Mubasher Lucman arranged a very close meet up with leading journalists and bloggers from reputed platforms at Movenpick Hotel, Karachi. “Rendezvous with Mubasher Lucman” was organized by Elements Media. Mubasher Lucman highlighted a few points in the meet up where he discussed about child abuse and other serious concerns that should be talked about for the betterment of the society as a whole.

Mubasher began by throwing a question at the attendees. He began by saying: “imagine there is a village where there was an old track that was dilapidated and the railways decided to build a more modern and up to date track with a modern railway station and platform. The old track has been declared abandoned with torn out tracks, whereas, the new track is now operational. With the new track and all its fancy looks, children and adults alike have taken a huge liking for it and they all hang out together at the new platform and the track enjoying the eats from the stalls and even playing cricket at the tracks when no train is due. Whereas, on the old abandoned track a small kid from a neighboring area has started to make it his own small play place building small mud houses and his clay figurines. One day it so happens that a train headed towards the station looses its brakes and is heading straight for the station full steam ahead. Now there are two choices: either it can hit the many playing at the track or the station master can divert the train towards the abandoned track where just one kid might be the casualty”

Mubasher’s question was what would the stationmaster do. To this most replied that the train should be diverted to the abandoned track where there would be just on casualty. “Exactly”, said Mubasher. “This is what is happening. In order to save many guilty we are sacrificing one innocent.”

Lucman even discussed about Zainab’s unfortunate case along with the other 14 similar cases that occurred recently. He went on to say that no one even knows the names of other children. He also said that due to an estimate the total number of cases can be in excess of 5,000 and perhaps the mode of abduction is that the kidnappers abduct children for about a couple of hours, abuse and violate them, make videos and let them go. The kids are either too scared to report the incidents or their parents are too scared for their honor and respect so they keep quiet. Mubasher went on to say that this is the story of Kasur, what about tens or maybe hundreds of small towns and villages this must be going on.

Mubasher also requested all present to give just one percent of their column or blog space for this issue and by their own name. Mubasher wont want any publicity from this and if there is any cost Mubasher would be willing to help with that too. Also he stressed the need for people to come forth and create a fund to support such families whose daily income at times is less than 20 rupees if at all

The entire focus of the discussion was to create awareness in the society that everyone should raise their voice in their capacity; whether they want to take it to friends’ circle, social media, blogs or other mediums.

Mubasher Lucman had a very candid discussion with the guests and everyone shared their heartfelt feedback, according to Lucman, there should be more such personal gatherings where people can interact and discuss the things that can be done to improve Pakistan.

Mubasher Lucman seemed very concerned about the societal drift from which entire Pakistan is going through, in his words “suffering from such lacuna, we need to cure it – it’s our responsibility as a human being”.

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