JPNA2 offers 3 hours full of comedy, fun and humor!

After a gap of 3 years we all were anticipating the release of its sequel, tbhit’s abetter one than before.


The story starts with PP (Ahmed Ali Butt) and Sheikh (VasayChaudhry) having dinner together with their wives where Ahmed’s wife (Uzma Khan) comes and tell them that they all have been invited to Turkey to be a part of her brother Rahat (Fahad Mustafa)who works as an investment banker in Turkey, but a bit shady one’s engagement to a billionaire daughter Zoe (MawraHocane).

The sequel very smartly fills the gap of Hamza and Mehwish not being a part of the sequel and shows Hamza somewhere abroad with no link and Sherry (HumayunSaeed) ending up into a mental hospital after his wife Marina (Mehwish Hayat) died while sky diving. VasayChaudhry has a very strong command on his script writing skills and surely knows what his audience likes the most.

The action begin with PP and Sheikh finding out about Sherry and trying to make him forget Marina, that is the part where Selina (Kubra Khan) enters. NadeemBaig is one of those directors who try and give every character his specific screen time, and we haveto say this that it was a wise decision of taking Fahad Mustafa on board for the sequel, he along with the other leads made JPNA2 a movie to love.

The music of the film doesn’t do much for us except Behka Rey and Lahore teretey, also the Indo Pak sequence was a bit tragged but again the other bits of the film balanced that. Kubra Khan also emerged as a powerful actress balancing her and Humayun’s scenes in a rather great manner.

The cinematography was way better than the first one and ofcourse it is a much well-structured film.

With witty dialogues and funny punches in between we rate JPNA2 3.5 out of 5. It’s a masses film and a perfect release for Eid.

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