What if you could alter your skin color?

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What if you could alter your skin color? The thought of altering your skin color might seem alien, even a little absurd – but for millions of people, skin-lightening creams are just another part of their daily skincare routines.However, daily use of skin-lightening creams can be a time-consuming hassle. Now, with the latest technological developments, […]

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ChupanChupai gets nominated for Lux Style Awards in almost everyfilm-related category

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Karachi, MondayJanuary15, 2018:ChupanChupai, a critically acclaimed rom-com thriller still running in cinemas has been nominated in practically every categoryfor the prestigious Lux Style Awards scheduled to take place next monthin Lahore. Where ChupanChupai has been nominated for Best Film, stars of the movie including Ahsan Khan, NeelamMuneer and Ali Rizvi have been nominated in the […]