HUM NETWORK announces HUM S Talent !!

HUM network is popularly known from its dramas and glamorous events , but this time the media group has taken an initiative to polish and promote the new lot of artists with HUM S Talent program.The media group has always thought of the unique ideas to promote the talent in the country and this is... Continue Reading →

O Rungreza – A color filled tale!!

O Rungreza kept us amazed with the promos and unforgettable OST, but the first episode just left us wanting more. The story showcases a family headed by Khayyam ( Noman Aijaz) who is a poet and similarly like beautiful and precious things and people. He doesn't like his wife Mumtaaz much and keep on scolding... Continue Reading →

RB initiates ” Hoga Saaf Pakistan”

In a fast developing country like Pakistan,  pollution is a problem which needs a permanent solution. 53, 000 children die of diarrhea in Pakistan every year which means 145 kids are losing their lives. These children are the future and backbone of this country. There are 25 million people who do not have access to... Continue Reading →

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