Karachi August 8, 2015: Tune TV, Pakistan’s only legal online video-on-demand streaming service celebrated its first anniversary at Cafe Flo amidst support from celebrities, socialites and leading representatives from myriad TV channels who provide premium genuine content directly to the Non User General Content (NUGC) video portal.

The highlight of the evening were the entertaining and scintillating separate live musical performances by rising pop star Hassan Hayat Khan and Lahore-based, Rock-Pop group SiegeTheBand.


Hayat Khan’s widely applauded hit single “BEQADRAA” was released to great acclaim in 2014 and the singing sensation is now ready to light up television screens with an über-romantic music video for BEQADRAA directed by Furqan Khan which will be released on-air nationwide in the second week of August 2015.


The promotional campaign for #‎Beqadraa including online snippets from behind-the-scenes of the video shoot and an enticingly riveting teaser with Hayat Khan and his gorgeous co-star, supermodel Sadaf Kanwal (female vocals provided by Sana Zulfiqar) has garnered a huge online following of over 50,000 (and growing) highly enthusiastic fans.


The four member SiegeTheBand comprising Junaid Younus (lead vocals), Ahsan Parvaiz (lead guitar & backing vocals), Fahad Parvaiz (rhythm guitar) and Farhan Syed Mirza is experiencing its own renaissance of sorts after a brief lull of a few years and will soon feature in the upcoming Coke Studio Season 8.


The band, which introduced and popularized percussions to mainstream audiences, was formed in, 2003 and released their first music video, ‘Armaan’, (which topped the music charts for more than 12 weeks) in December 2006. Armaan was recognized as the Best Song of the Year at the TMAs held in Pakistan in 2008 and the band’s next single, Faaslay was nominated in three categories at the MTV Awards in Karachi in 2009.


Hassan Hayat Khan and SiegeTheBand, despite belonging to diverse and distinct music genres represent the ongoing regeneration and growth of Pakistan’s burgeoning and supremely talented Music Industry and were a welcome sight and sound at Tune TV’s celebratory dinner.

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