Jawani Phir Nahi Ani Review 

Do Yourself A Favor And Watch It. Once legendry comedian Rangeela was invited as guest in Tariq Aziz’s show Nelaam Ghar. During interview host Tariq Aziz requested Rangeela to do something funny to make hall audience laugh. Rangeela in his typical style told them a story and at end of the story he removed his wig and his balled temple was shimmering under fluorescent light. Audience exploded in thundering laughter. Final act of legendry Rangeela was unexpected, sudden and timely. First he grabbed attention of the audience through seemingly boring story and at end he broke the eggs with hilarious act.

Comedy is a serious business. If required ingredients in a comedy are not in appropriate amount then desired roller coaster experience can become an unpleasant and bumpy ride for its audience. Almost all entertainers, actors and film makers are in consensus that comedy is harder than tragedy because it requires intelligence and sheer timing with extremely unexpected punch-liner. If one of the ingredient is missing then you can only win annoyance of your target audience instead of laughter.
Pakistan has always been blessed with great talents of comedy genre. From standup comedy to TV dramas, from TV dramas to films, our comedians have been mesmerizing us with their perfect sense of humor. This time again our actors have not failed us in highly anticipated “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani (JPNA)”. JPNA is star studded film directed by debutant Nadeem Baig who previously directed TV comedies like Family Front and Dolly Ki Ayegi Barat. Nadeem Baig is a new name in film making but the kind of maturity he has shown with JPNA is exemplary and proves if you are equipped with good script and support of great actors then nothing is impossible. From first frame to last director’s effort to amuse its audience with funny situations and wittier punch liners is an intelligent approach which makes JPNA an edge of the seat comedy.  

But triumph of Nadeem Baig is not complete without discussing content which has been penned by immensely gifted Vesay Chaudhry. As a writer Vesay Chaudhry has used every trick of trade to create scenes with a soul objective to make cinema goers laugh in which he seems successful. As a film reviewer We have always been a sturdy critic of cinematic plagiarism but the way Vesay Chaudhry has written the script of JPNA even his used elements from other comedy flicks has stamp of Vesay Chaudhry. Viewer of JPNA believes spontaneously that JPNA has its own element of originality with unique style of story-telling and not a copied stuff. And this is a great achievement for both writer and director.
JPNA has a long list of star cast but Humayun Saeed and exuberantly funny trio of Ahmed Butt, Vasey Chaudhry and Hamza Ali Abbasi deserve standing ovation. With his stagnant impressions in recently released Bin Roye Humayun Saeed did not impressed everyone but in JPNA he has proved to be a complete star package of Pakistan film industry who can emote, dance and action flawlessly with perfect timing in comedy. In one of many uproarious scenes of JPNA in which Humayun Saeed impersonates as a homosexual and lures Vasey Chaudhry, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Ahmed Butt is so funny that made me almost urinate while laughing. Extremely sorry for explaining bluntly because it actually happened. The versatility Humayun Saeed has shown in JPNA it seems he is emerging to snatch Number One Actor’s slot from his friend superstar Shaan Shahid.
With his flabby appearance Ahmed Butt is loveable. His acute style of comedy wrapped in innocence make him extremely watchable. His scene with his filmy father-in-law is amazing. Vasey Chaudhry has already proved his mettle as a writer but as a film actor he is as comfortable as any seasoned actor. Hamza Ali Abbasi has jelled in comfortably in comic situations. Writer and director have provided Hamza funny situations in which he did not act but he was acted upon but in hilarious way. 
Javed Sheikh has surprised us with his comic timing twice this year. First in Wrong No. and now with JPNA he proves to be an actor with immaculate performance capability. Bushra Ansari in filmy re-incarnation of Saima Chaudhry is flawless and worth of watching. Ismail Tara is good in what he always does. Mehwish Hayat and Sohai Ali Abro are looking stunning as leading ladies opposite Humayun Saeed. Ayesha Khan, Sarwat Gillani and Uzma Khan have done satisfactory job as over protective and controlling wives of Hamza Ali Abbasi, Vasey Chaudhry and Ahmed Butt. 
There are certain minuses JPNA carries but the grandeur style and prospect of the film fizzles them out. Brands’ publicity by placing them in scenes seems highly unnecessary but to fulfill financial requirements of a mega budget film it is permissible if it is not effecting central theme and general outlook of the film. Title song is perfect and remaining songs are loud but bearable. Cinematography is beautiful and editing is OK. 
Overall, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani (JPNA) is a SURE SHOT BLOCKBUSTER and an extremely entertaining addition in the list of Pakistani films this year. Do yourself a favor and watch it. Highly Recommended.

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