Magnum Belgian Chocolate Master Class with Yum by Amna

The Magnum Store to move on from its Pleasure Journey in Karachi; celebrations countdown to last two days

IMG_8283Magnum never misses an opportunity to throw a party. The exclusive list of invitees who attended the Magnum Belgian Chocolate Master Class added glamour and excitement to the evening when chef Amna Tauqeer whipped up four indulgent Magnum desserts to delight the senses. Amna rapidly churned out an array of desserts – Magnum bar on a bed of strawberry crumble and strawberry coulis, Magnum bar with salted chocolate caramel brownie, Magnum with s’mores dark chocolate and Magnum bar with lemon curd, meringue shards and blueberries – and invited her rapt audience to make their own. The Magnum Belgian Chocolate Master Class and the Magnum Chocolate Party Screening that followed was held to mark the move of the prosperous Karachi Pleasure Store on its Pleasure Journey in Pakistan.

IMG_8323 IMG_8298 IMG_8317

When the Magnum Pleasure Store first opened in Karachi in 2014, it was a novel concept for the Pleasure Seekers. The choice of toppings, the endless combination of chocolate possibilities, Russian trapeze artists and a host of beautiful faces heralded in a year of celebrating all things chocolate. The store hosted numerous events since its inception, with Nomi Ansari, Nadia Hussain, Abbas 3afri, Areeba Habib, Shehla Chatoor, Tapu Javeri and many more regularly spotted indulging in the luxury of pure Belgian chocolate at the cafe. In the months that followed, the store has been buzzing with chocolate lovers including A-list celebs busy designing their own crackling Belgian Chocolate Magnum.

IMG_8327The Magnum Pleasure Store got a great response from people in Karachi; and now it’s time to move the party further on its Pleasure Journey. The Magnum Belgian Chocolate Master Class featuring Yum by Amna Tauqeer showed different techniques to work with Magnum Belgian chocolate and to create beautiful desserts out of it. The Magnum Belgian Chocolate Master Class was followed by a screening of the Magnum Chocolate Party which was held last month and is still the talk of the town because of its chocolate inspired fashion creations, the A-list celebs and the glamor and magnificence of an evening by the waterfront that sparkled and beguiled.

“The Magnum Pleasure Spot in Karachi was a first step of our journey to bring the best to our Pleasure Seekers. We got immense gratification from Karachi, now it’s time to move on the Pleasure Journey,” says Shehryar Khurshid – Director Ice Cream at Unilever Pakistan.

IMG_8272The Magnum Pleasure Spot offers unique toppings like sea salt, chilli flakes, and cornflakes and the more traditional almonds, sprinklettes, candy bits, vanilla bits, cranberries, coconut shavings and smarties that add a dash of excitement to the customized Magnum. You can choose your preferred Magnum flavor (vanilla or chocolate), select the unique Belgian crackling chocolate and then customize it with a vast array of toppings.

“We are excited to bring to town another evening of indulgence and pleasure where we assure you that even though the store is moving, yet our Pleasure Seekers can indulge in Belgian Chocolate Pleasure in new ways. The rich experience of the world’s premium Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream, is a never to be forgotten experience for our consumers,” says Azka Waciar, Brand Manager, Magnum Pakistan.

Magnum Pleasure Stores are by their very nature short term indulgent experiential stores that allow consumers to experiment with their chocolate flavors and toppings. As this model now moves on, Karachiites can continue to custom-build their own Magnums at Dolman City Mall and Atrium Mall.

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