Ali Ki Ammi – Geo TV

Ali Ki Ammi is based on a real life story, as the title suggests, this serial is a story of a mother and a son, and how a woman travels a journey of hardships and transforms herself into a great mother without expecting anything in return from her only child.

Maryam a young bubbly girl is an essential dreamer who falls in love with a man, marries him and because of this her family breaks all the ties with her. This was a trap set by the man who was already married and had a family with two grown up children. Maryam faces hardships as everyone in Nadir’s family is against the second Marriage of Nadir. She has a hostile mother in law and first wife of Nadir who makes the going very tough for Maryam. However after giving birth to Ali, Maryam finds a new determination that she will never let her deprivations touch her son. When Ali was born she sees a dream that a new sun rises and all the rays are showered upon Ali.

Maryam who had only studied till Matric starts focusing on giving best education to Ali. And from here her epic journey of making her dream a reality starts. Maryam Faces every atrocities and hardships under the sky but never stops looking beyond the stars where she sees her son, shinning as the brightest.

Despite lack of education Maryam overcomes it by going through dictionaries and other books and give Ali best training. Maryam has all hopes pinned on Ali that one day Ali will do great for himself and will be her liberator. Time passes and Ali is all grown up but the question is, would Ali be able to understand what her mother has done for him or he will take it only as a parent doing her duty?

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