Faika Karim – Defining Glamour and Grandeur!

logoA diverse clientele, a huge fan following on Instagram and elegant bridal and evening wear with the finest cuts speak volumes of Faika Karim’s knack at creating wondrous collections. Whether that knack is inherent or has been honed over time, Faika Karim maintains a boastful repute, whether it is in fashion shows or retail.

Mariyah Khan sister of Aamir Khan Boxer wearing Faika Karim Dubai Pret at Pakistan Fashion Week 8 London
Mariyah Khan sister of Aamir Khan Boxer 

The Bradford-based maestro serves as the optimum choice for the South Asian diaspora in the UK, which includes celebrities and renowned TV and media personalities. The retail outlet on 912, Leeds Road boasts state-of-the-art design and décor, and caters to a wide range of clients. Some well-known recent customers being beauty blogger Doniya (Zayn Malik’s sister) as well as British boxer Amir Khan’s sister Mariyah Khan.

There is no specific recipe for success but what has worked so well for Faika Karim is her avant-garde approach and her belief in originality and respect for the traditional South Asian crafts and techniques. Faika Karim’s collections are created with a wide array of techniques which surpass the age-old methods, while preserving the traditional elegance of Asian apparel, along with a tinge of fusion with modern western wear.

Fakia Karim’s ‘Lahore Prêt’ was an interesting edifice of contemporary designs teamed with classical hues that were translated into a cultural flair of remnants enthused by the traditions of Lahore. The pin-tucked trousers and high-waisted skirts received wide-spread appreciation from the audiences at Telenor Fashion Weekend 2015 Lahore, for their structured tailoring and vivid designs.

Jasmine Collection
Jasmine Collection

Previous stand-out collections include ‘Marrakech’ and ‘Jasmine’. Working with deep rich jamawar fabrics with intricate hand embroidery, shimmer fabrics and a dash of colour, Marrakech incorporated elements from Moroccan art. While Jasmine was exquisitely crafted with natural floral tones onto beautifully adorned couture pieces.Moroccan art The collection blossomed with ice blues sparkling with intricate embellishment, dhabka work, while the fabric and silhouettes appealed to contemporary sartorial sensibilities. With the summer warmth of mango yellow hues and neutral ivory tones the colours depicted the sheer beauty of nature whilst
capturing the sleekness and allure of Venice.

Apart from the exquisite collections, what Faika Karim’s customers enjoy most is her attention to detail and rapport which she maintains with her clients. Her most recent creations will be launched with a never-seen-before photoshoot with Pakistani style-icon and fashion diva Anam Malik and UK based model Hira Shah, from the majestic land of Turkey.

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