Horain is a young bright girl, who has dreams in her eyes. She is a darling of both of her brothers Wajid and Zulfi. She is already engaged with Haider (her childhood friend) but she has to complete her studies first before getting married.

Marjaan, one of Horain’s classmate is getting married to her cousin Maiz, they belong to an affluent family. Marjaan’s brother Muraad misbehaves with Horain and since Zulfi her brother is there he protests and fights that is when he is killed.

Horain is devastated and thinks that she is responsible for the death of her brother and decides to fight for justice, amid a lot of tensions and media hype Maiz is arrested and Muraad runs away to Dubai.

Maiz’s father decides to get him released and with further twists and turns, Horain is married to Maiz, this all was done by Horain’sbhabhi, who knew no justice would be done and that she took it in favor of her family also she could see that relationship between Horain and Haider had estranged.

Why did Horain agree to marry Maiz, is she seeking revenge with this marriage? Will she be able to get justice for her brother and yet do justice to this relation (Rishta) she got herself into?


Director: Ali Faizan Anchan

Writer: Rabia Razaq



Maiz:                     Shezad Noor

Hoorain:               Farwa Kazmi

Murad:                 Alamdar

Marjan:                 Marjan

Hashim:                Tauqeer Nasir

Zareen:                   Naila Jafry

Haider:                 Abdullah Ejaz

Zulfi:                      Nabeel  Shahid

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