Depilex: Celebrating 35 Years of Pioneering Beauty in Pakistan

Pakistan’s leading beauty clinic and institute, Depilex, marks 35 years as beauty pioneers in Pakistan. Established in Karachi in 1980, its visionary founder MassaratMisbahestablished Depilex with the aim of creatingan institution for beauty, where quality hair and skin care was accessible, affordable and importantly, hygienic.Now under the leadership of MassaratMisbah’s daughter Redah Misbah since 2008, the Depilex Group includes a diversity of personal care and humanitarian initiatives including theDepilex Beauty Clinics, Institute and Health Centers, Depilex Men, The Lounge by Depilex Men, Santé the salon, Depilex Smile Again Foundation and Depilex Live.

This December 2015, Depilexcelebrate its 35 successful years in the beauty industry with a series of activities, promotions and events, to be revealed throughout 2016.”At Depilex we are incredibly proud of our over 3 decade strong heritage. When my mother started her salons in the 1980s, there was no proper concept of professional and affordable beauty across Pakistan. Now entering 2016, we are possibly the most accessible and dynamic beauty brand in the country with over 40 salons nationwide, our own make up brand, our own channel in salons, dedicated salons now for men, a foundation that allows us to engage our expertise and network to the aid of acid burn victims and much more. We are proud to have been a pioneering part of shaping the industry to what it is today.”  Said RedahMisbah.

Indeed Depilex began as the first of its kind, setting a benchmark for others in the beauty industry to provide exceptional quality and a wide range of services, among the conventional concept of a ‘parlour’.

The Depilex team continues to develop a wider network and innovations throughout 2016.

MassaratMisbah: Is well versed in beauty techniques and is a highly qualified makeup artist and has earned national and international awards for her inimitable contributions in this field. She has always upheld the visible application of beauty as artistry and hair styling as a valuable craft along with her own special expertise of excellent grooming techniques and her rigorous demand of high standards of personal hygiene in her salons.
RedahMisbah: After earning a degree in cosmetic science and cosmetology from the prestigious London School of FashionRedah has attained professional degrees in hair and cosmetology, graduating with honours from Vidal Sassoon and Ray Cochrane Beauty School. 
Depilex Institute: DR. NighatMisbah has run the institute and clinic for thirty years and brings to the world of beauty her expertise of being a trained doctor with a MBBS Degree from Sindh Medical College and trained at renowned makeup institutes across London. The Depilex institute offers aspiring beauticians the chance to achieve their aim and become accredited beauty service providers and is affiliated with international organizations.
Depilex Health Center: The center offers a selection of programs to suit individual needs under certified instructors for women to achieve and maintain the balance of mental and physical wellness.
Depilex Men and Lounge: The men’s salon was professionally designed to meet the rigorous demands of a discerning clientele who sought relaxation and quality service in a soothing environment along with high quality grooming.
Depilex Smile Again Foundation: Deals primarily with Acid / Burn victims and provides them with the required intensive medical care and assistance. And empower them in becoming productive, self-reliant members of the society that has outcast them. The foundation is actively involved in the rehabilitation of these victims and is proud to be an equal opportunity provider.
SANTE`:Sante` offers a great beauty experience for the clients with versatile products, techniques and a highly skillful staff. It is a vanguard of a new era of beauty and style. Sante` brings ‘you to the newer you’ It is staffed with the finest and most creative group of young hair stylists, colorists and makeup artists.
Depilex Live: Live is the inhouse channel aired in all Depilex salons nationwide and is another first of Depilex. The channel shows the very latest in beauty and fashion industry where one can view the latest happenings and be the first to know about the newest hairstyles, makeup and styles, all while you wait to be served.

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