“Morri” launches debut collection“The Seven Steps to Baltiyul”

Following the launch of their brand in Pakistan, high fashion labelMorriintroduces their debut collection “The Seven Steps toBaltiyul”which is visual portrayal of a contemporary woman’s memoir asshe travels through the highest peaks and deepest rivers to her final destination, in the heart of northern Pakistan region, Baltistan, more commonly known as Baltiyul.

Synonymous with the inspiration, the color palette of the new collection ranges from deep midnight hues to dusky blush withdeep accents of river teal, iris essence balanced with twilight ivory and champagne mist.  The new collection offers a variety of silhouettes appealing to a contemporary womanand comprises of kimonos, tunics, tail coats, crop jackets, petal sleeves, flared skirts, tapered pants and full length attires.


On the launch of brand’s debut collection, HammadSadiq, Creative Head at Morri said “This collection is a tribute to the beautiful modern woman and how she reaches the seven steps of Baltiyul to find beauty in herself. The silhouettes are derived from a woman’s emotions and its decoration from her experiences in life through a mystical and beautifuljourney. The play of cutwork and its fluidity amidst strict geometry is where the garments strike a balance. They are embellished in compositions that move through these garments. They are contemporary pieces illustrating the concept bearing its present relevance to modern times.”

The label ‘Morri’ [deriving its title from Bombyxmori, a silkworm] is a team of three individuals; Shad Mustafa [CEO], AmnaZaidi [Business Head] and HammadSadiq [Creative Head]. Both Shad and Amna are business graduates from the Institute of Business Administration& University of London respectively, while Hammad is a graduate from ThePakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD).

‘Morri’ takes its design inspiration from global art and design. Morri’s work celebrates the fusion of sub continental heritage with the modern times paying tribute to the modern woman who adores her independence, beauty and confidence.

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