#MarkingsPublishing proudly launched their ninth title with the debut of their first music book-album “#IsmailKaUrduSheher” by Zohaib Kazi

Pakistan’s leading independent publisher, #MarkingsPublishing, proudly launched their ninth title and first music book-album “#IsmailKaUrduSheher” by Zohaib Kazi, along with a music video for “Wake up/Jaago” at Nueplex Cinemas in Karachi on the 21st of December 2015. 

#IsmailKaUrduSheher is Pakistan’s first project to group the mediums of a music album, novella and a music video together. Indeed with #IsmailKaUrduSheher, Kazi and #MarkingsPublishing offer twelve music tracks featuring a diversity of musicians such as Jaffer Zaidi, Zoe Viccaji, Sara Haider, Abbas Ali Khan, Samra Khan, Omran Shafique and Gumby to name a few, on the album along with the reimagining of these songs into words by Kazi in the shape of over a 100 page novella. The project branches out further and draws a visual image of an excerpt from the first chapter in an iconic animated music video form.

The event was opened with an introduction on the evening by Tuba Arshad, Chief Operating Officer at Markings, where she invited on stage Zohaib Kazi who spoke about his experience and efforts working on #IsmailKaUrduSheher. He then invited the pioneering Kiran Aman of Markings on stage who spoke about her ninth title and Pakistan’s first music book-album launch. This was followed by the official premiere and screening of the music video “Wake up/Jaago”, a live reading of excerpts from the book by leading TV personality Sarwat Gillani, a Q&A with Zohaib Kazi and Kiran Aman, a live music performance featuring Zohaib Kazi, Omran Shafique, Ajay Harry, Kamran Mannu Zafar and Sara Haider and book signing with Zohaib Kazi. Also in attendance were musicians Bilal Maqsood, Zoe Viccaji, Naad-e-Ali Zaidi, Samra Khan, Saad Hayat, Rehan Nazim, Raheel Manzar Paul and Rachel Viccaji; directors Sohail Javed, Bilal Khan and Babar Sheikh; TV personalities Ayaz Khan and Fahad Mirza; fashion designer Adnan Pardesy; photographers Insiya Syed and Mahwish Rizvi along with members of the esteemed media present at the event. Public Relations for the event was managed by Lotus.

The story of #IsmailKaUrduSheher draws on science fiction to narrate the journey of a futuristic Earth’s Large Hadron Collider experiment whose repercussions have had a ripple effect on the fabric of the universe, challenging the very existence of a distant planet. Ismail Alset, who is the foremost scientist of that world, stands clueless and follows ‘breadcrumbs’ in hope to find answers to the calamity, a journey which will lead to bigger revelations about the universe and his personal life.

Speaking about the first Pakistani music book-album, CEO Markings Publishing, Kiran Aman said; “Markings started with a vision to nurturing a platform that encourages a diversity of expression. We pride ourselves on working on projects that are bold and original. “Ismail Ka Urdu Sheher” is a one of its kind concept of a music book-album. It’s courageous, original and unique; making it an ideal project for us to be a part of – a first of many for Markings!”

Producer Zohaib Kazi has said, “I intended to develop a product that provides the audience with a deeper sense of experience of music and story-telling. I wouldn’t call it experimental because it’s been carefully crafted to ensure everyone understands it and enjoys it. To put it simply, imagine yourself to be reading a screenplay, listening to a soundtrack of a film that you’re yet to produce – using your own imagination”.

“Wake up/Jaago”, the second track of the album, features the talents of Zoe Viccaji, Zohaib Kazi and Omran Shafique. Written, composed and arranged by Zohaib Kazi, “Wake up/Jaago” features Samra Khan on vocals. Produced by Zohaib Kazi, the video for “Wake up/Jaago” has been created via live-action-rotoscoping with direction by Kamal Khan, art direction & post-production by Aamir Riffat, hair & makeup by Nida Khan, art illustration by Akber Ahmed, action choreography by M. Mushtaq and Adrian J. Permal as the director of photography. The project was executed in a span of 4 years with principal photography beginning in 2012 followed by various post-production phases which included thousands of frames digitally hand-drawn to execute the anime look of the video.

Published by Markings and produced and conceived by Zohaib Kazi, the limited edition music book-album comes with a plug-n-play USB comprising of 12 audio tracks and 4 music videos and is now available to purchase at Liberty Books outlets across Pakistan with CityFM89 are the exclusive radio media partner and ARY Musik and ARY Zindagi as the official broadcast media partner for #IsmailKaUrduSheher.

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