Pond’s Miracle Journey has announced the selection of ten new Miracle Mentors for 2016. The Miracle Mentors will be tasked with selecting ten Miracle Women each from various professional and social spheres of influence.


The Miracle Mentors announced for 2016 are Atiqa Latif, DrFehmida Arif, NaheedMashooqullah, NailaAladin, Naz Khan, Ronak Lakhani, SafinazMuneer, Samina Ibrahim, Sana Hashwani and ZebaBakhtiar. The Miracle Mentors have been selected for their ability to effortlessly juggle and succeed in the twin challenges of being high achievers in their chosen professions and vocations plus fulfill the demands of their families and execute the many social responsibilities in their everyday lives.


Hosted by Adnan Malik, the Pond’s Miracle Journey Launch 2016, was an elegant affair attended by high profile Mentors,and national media. As part of the Miracle Journey in 2016, each Miracle Mentor will introduce their selected Miracle Women, with the intention being to identify a dynamic group of 100 Women who are renowned for their extraordinary work in their chosen professions whilst also successfully managing their personal lives.


Shazia Syed, Chairperson and CEO, Unilever Pakistan welcomed the new mentors saying, “The Pond’s Miracle Journey aspires to create an organic movement by paying tribute to a hundred exceptional women who demonstrate excellence in their personal and professional lives. I am confident, that women across Pakistan will benefit from the inspirational stories of the Pond’s Miracle Women.”


ZebaBakhtiar added, “The Pakistani woman is not only multi-faceted but she wears many hats, some of them often at the same time. She is a provider, a carer, a giver, a mother, a daughter, a social worker, a business entrepreneur and she juggles all of this with graceful ease. As a woman who has spent much of her time in the public eye, I am delighted to be able to share some of my experiences with the new 100 women who will be selected this year.”


The Pond’s Miracle Journey had been established in 2014 as a means of celebrating the achievements of women across Pakistan. The core idea behind the movement, designed by global beauty brand Pond’s, was to consistently highlight accomplished Pakistani women who juggle with the demands of their professional careers, balancing their work with their personal lives, day in and day out.


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