For the 6th episode of Iftar Mulaqaat, Goher Mumtaz was the guest of honor, the charming young men hit it off with Hina Khawaja Bayat from the start and they both had a joyous conversation. Goher talked about his experiences on stage and reminisced about a lot of his childhood memories. From what he told us, it was hard to look at him and believe his tales. Apparently Goher was very shy as a kid and he didn’t feel confident on the stage, at all!

“People think I’m really confident on stage, but the truth is I try to hold my expressions.”

And right now, you should try to hold your expressions to as the seemingly over confident Goher opens up further…

“I was in 2nd grade when I had my first opportunity to perform anything on the stage.

I started to cry when I got there, saying that I don’t want to do it.”

“My elder siblings used to participate in everything, while I used to shy away from such opportunities”

“I still feel shy, like a little kid, when I’m heading to a concert or getting on a stage, but as soon as I get there, I get rid of that shyness”


This super talented musician and now turned actor, worked really hard to come over his stage fright and performance anxiety. Although he admits that he was always a little shy around people, never initiating anything. Stay tuned to Geo Kahani for more stories from your most admired and appreciated lists. Don’t forget to watch Iftar Mulaqaat daily at 6pm!!

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