#FoodiesWithoutBorders Food ka Love with 7up

All the four provinces have their own specialities and delicious varieties in their dishes as if Karachi is famous for its kabab, biryani, Karachi Haleem, Merathi Dhaga Kabab or liaquatabad Pani Puri so Peshawar is famed  for its sekh kabab, Chapal Kabab, Charsi Kabab, Kabuli Plao or Sajji while Lahore is well known for its Waris Nihari , Kaka Gurda Chang , Zakri Tikka, Phajjey ke Paayre etc.

For , of course the ‘ Zinda Dil ‘ people of Pakistan love for “ Chatkhara” without Chatkhara they cannot enjoy all these foodies.Its keenly observed and noticed that where ever there is “ Chatkhara Food “ 7up has always been the trademark foodie brand.

7up always benn the trademark foodie brand, this was well seen in the event was organized at Lahore.&up organized  the #FoodiaWithoutBorders event for this purpose so foodies from all over the country could enjoy their favorite traditional foods and unique dishes from all over the country.

7up invited approximately 20 authentic venders from 3 big cities  of our beloved homeland Pakistan i.e

From Peshawar

1. Peshawari Seekh Kebab

2. Allahuddin Chapal Kebab

3. Peshawari Charsi Tikka

4. Namak Mandi, Kabuli Pulao

5. Maalga Namkeen Rosh

6. Maalga Goat Sajji

From Karachi

1. Chullu Kebab

2. Burns Road Bun Kebab

3. Karachi Haleem

4. Karachi Biryani

5. Liaquatabad Pani Puri and Dahi Barrey

6. Merathi Dhaga Kebab

7. 7Up Limka

From Lahore

1. Waris Nihari

2. Kaka Gurda Champ

3. Zakir Tikka

4. Arif Chatkhara House

5. Phajjey ke Paaye

6. Bhaiya Kebab

7. Cheeka Chikker Chaney

8. 7Up Doodh Soda

The delicious famous dishes attracted the great number of celebrities such as Ahemd Ali butt, Nauman Javed,Ammanat Ali etc

The first of its kind video booth was also organized by 7up so the aforementioned celebrities had the facility to express their love and sensational view points for food everyone.

The 7up has organized this unique event in a very systematic style. This fantastic grand and star studded event was a great success which is well to be seen from the given video and pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out the video here.





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