Azadi Rocks Music Festival

CKO Event Architecture the pioneers of Karachi Eat Food Festival, is all set to host another signature event; Azaadi Rocks.The Independence Day music concert has been conceptualized and designed for Karachites in order to revive and reclaim public spaces around the city in the same way that Karachi Eat Food Festival revived Frere Hall. The venue of the event is Edulgee Road and it has been chosen specifically for the importance it holds in the urban fabric of Karachi. Featuring some of the biggest names in the Pakistani music scene today, Azadi Rocks is unique in its cause.

“The aim of this event is to reclaim public places of Karachi. We are excited to organize another signature event, and we hope to have a positive response from Karachites.” said the Director of CKO, Sara Chapra.

The event is sponsored by Faysal Bank and is to take place on the night of 14th August with hundreds of people marching on Eduljee road and ending up on the stage for national anthem. The event will be followed by six amazing performances from various artists and a mega performance by Atif Aslam. The attendees can also enjoy street performances, food and fireworks display.

The main idea is to bring together citizens in one space in order to celebrate our independence. 

CKOs ( CHAPRA KHAN OMARI EVENT ARCHITECTURE) objective with regards to its signature events like Karachi Eat, Lahore Eat, Light the Night – Chaand Raat and Azadi Rocks Music Festival is to give back. Our core business has always been event management but over the last 3 years we have started to design our own events which have been a huge success. 

Every event that we do is held in a public space and is designed that way so that citizens are able to take back their own city. It is not easy holding events at public spaces because security and permissions are always a huge challenge. However we are against holding events in private clubs and properties as it defeats the purpose. 

The Karachi Eat Food festival was one of the first public events to take place at FRERE HALL Gardens and has now started a trend. The park was never allowed to be used in the past. It has now become quite a popular hang out and space for events amongst people from all walks of life.

The venue for Azaadi Rocks Music Festival is Eduljee Dinshaw Road. This is a new development within Karachi and is an example of how citizens need to take owner ship of their city. Only then can we expect changes to take place. A percentage of proceeds will be going to the Trustees in order to expand the second phase of the project. 

The bands which are performing are a good mix of local, folk and contemporary. 

The event will start with a 100 person marching band parading along the entire stretch of the road and ending up on stage to perform the national anthem. It will be followed by Kaya Band, Chronicles of Khan, Mai Dhai, Zoe Vicaji, Fuzon and a grand finale performance by Atif Aslam. 

After the unfortunate incidents in Quetta we contemplated cancelation, however we decided that although we are heartbroken and we mourn with Quetta , cancelling the event and not standing up for our Independence on this day would be a far greater loss. Fear is what is dividing us, what is preventing us from coming out and standing together. Our flag and our country is the only thing we have left that holds us together. That unites us. If today out of all the days we are expected to sit at home and not recognise our independence and honour all those lives that were lost so that we could live in freedom and be born AZAD then we have lost everything. We might as well give up now. 


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