#LuxLoofaLather an event hosted by Lux and PR by Body Beat. This event was all about lux fragrance and lux body wash,and event was happened at the reknown salon Blush Studio.

Event was hosted by lovely Anoushay Ashraf. This event was especially orgranized for all the top beauty bloggers to experince the lux long lasting frangrance of bodywash.

Furthermore, the select group of guests also got the opportunity to partake in a fragrance workshop with Mr. David Boyd from Givaudan, a fragrance house that created some of the biggest fine fragrances globally.It was an amazing experince to make our own lux frangrance,and all the beauty bloggers tested and experenced lux body wash in padicure from blush studio lovely and hardworking staff during the event.Around four services was provied to the beauty bloggers and it was quite satisfying.

Mr. Raheel Pasha, (Director Personal Care, Unilever) says, “ At Lux, we’re all about the power of fragrance. Together with some of our world-class perfumers, we created a range of perfumed skin treats to indulge your senses, and make you smell and feel amazing every day. Today most women in Pakistan still use bar soap. As body wash leader, Lux embarks on a journey to let women EXPERIENCE an indulgent, luxurious and fragrant cleansing regime like never before with liquid body wash that offers long-lasting perfume and luxurious lather in just three steps – Lux Loofah Lather.

Discover the enchanting, long-lasting fragrance of LUX magical spell Body Wash, developed with the bold, intense scent of the black orchid. Carefully crafted by an expert panel of perfumers includingNicole Mancini, Creator of fragrances for Calvin Klein, Sarah Jessica Parker; Estée Lauder, LUX Magical spell Body Wash allows you to step out of the shower with perfumed skin that lasts up to 8 hours.


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