img_52691The 9th Global Handwashing Day  was grandly celebrated by Unilever Health soap Lifebuoy. It was a unique show popularity known as #High5forHandwashing  attended by Fahad Mustafa and lots of celebrities . It was a great manifestation of 20,000 participant – such a huge number in the event for the first time in Pakistan had broken the Guinness World Record  of such a large number of participant, 17 famous celebrities also participated in this campaign of Lifebuoy namely Hareem Farooqi,Waseem Akhram, Syra Shehroze, Anoushey Ashraf, Saira Kabeer, Yassir Hussain, Adnan Siddiqui, Zhalay Sarhadi, Sonya Hussain, Aashir Wajahat, Feroze Khan, Sajal Aly, Ali Zafar, Ahsan Khan, Shahzad Sheikh,Hareem Farooq and many other prominent personalities were present to support the healthy aim of Lifebuoy i.e to save more and more lives of the infants by giving them awareness that Handwashing with soap is the most effective way to avoid the most dangerous diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia the simple method of handwash by Lifebuoy many lives of the innocent children had been saved. This scared process of healthy behavior is continued since 2010 across the globe by giving awareness to 337 million people and having the aim to aware one billion people by 2020.


img_5439Help a child reach has become the motive according to which each high5 will be given the chance to teach 5 kids the handwashing strategy so as to prove that Lifebuoy soap is the most effective handwash to safeguard the little children from mortality.

It is also decided to celebrate Global Handwashing Day in 100 more countries to spread the universal awareness among the people about handwashing by Lifebuoy soap.

Public Private Partnership for Handwashing (PPPH) si trying hard to contribute Millennium Development Goal (M.D.G) propagate the hygienic awareness among the parents about the handwashing by Lifebuoy so that the child mortality should be totally wipe out from the whole world in this connection the huge gathering of 20,000 people at a time in Pakistan at the 9th Global Handwashing Day of course show the public interest in this hygienic program and also proving their approval towards the usage of Lifebuoy soap.

img_5586The accumulation of such a large number of people at 9th Global Handwashing Day on 22nd Oct 2016 was , of course an auspicious day for Pakistan as it was entitled to get place in the Guinness book of the world for getting such a large gathering for such a remarkable cause. In this Pakistan is proved to be true Islamic country because in Islam there is a Hadith “Saffai Nisf Emaan Hai” is well known to all. It is also the Islamic rule to have the handwash before starting the meal so Lifebuoy handwash proved that by propagation of cleanliness and infusing hygienic awareness among the people.Thanks to lifebuoy awakening programme.

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