Events Portraying Positive Image of Pakistan

Corner with another amazing EMD Night happening in Karachi. Recently, with the CPEC initiation there are boom in activities and interestingly quite a few foreign artist are coming to Pakistan.

The positivity in the socio economic graph of a country is portrayed with art and cultural activities, recently Mr. RFAK after a long break did a commercial fundraising event with Rotary, Akecent & Otilia performed at DHA Golf Club and none the less, Romanian DJ Edward Maya is coming to PK for his first biggest EDM night at Port Grand.

Edward Maya, doing his first commercial concert in Karachi under the banner of Heard Marketing, Sajawat Events and Fourth Arc

Dr. Rafya Rafiq will Hosting the show, along 2 renowned standup comedians Faraz Ahmed and Umar Ahmed adding humorous flavors. Get ready to witness the exhilarating melodies in the upcoming electrifying performance by the legendary Edward Maya along with Zoe Viccaji the Coke Studio legend as, the lead vocalist!

Dr. Rafya Rafiq will Hosting the show

The Biggest Party Ever!

If you happen to be an Electric/EDM music enthusiast in Karachi, make sure you appear! Since this is going to be a once in a lifetime experience

Tickets are available at Chai Shai, Chai Shack, Chai Master, Greeno, EBCO and Port Grand

For online booking, Visit: &

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