Masarrat Misbah Makeup new shades launch

​Masarrat Misabah Makeup is Pakistan first Certified Halal makeup.These gorgeous beauties is a must have product in your bag.

Masarrat Misbah makeup promises best quality of makeup that’s are their long lasting silk foundation, gorgeous shades of lipstick and lipgloss, stay on blusher, eye shades, liner etc.These all products are made in Turkey and Certified Halal makeup.

Currently Masarrat Misbah Makeup launched their Stay on Blusher new shade in Ballet Glow 

This gorgeous shade give you a realy nice shear effect on your cheeks and give a touch of yummy and gorgeous Pinky glow on cheeks, the texture of this product is really nice and smooth and very pigmented. You can use this shade in day makeup and night makeup both and i think its a must have product in your makeup list.Overall i give 9/10

The next Product is Masarrat Misbah Silk Pressed Powder in Deep Honey Shade.

This Silk Pressed Powder (SPP) is my favorite one.You can apply with the puff after applying the foundation for setting your base.Currently i am using this product after applying Masarrat Misbah foundation or Krylon Paint stick.This give you a very smooth finish and Non greasy look. The texture is really smooth and soft and never make your base or skin dry and the best part is its made of Halal ingredients.They have launch their new shade in Deep Honey. This shade is very good for golden skin colour and especially for Pakistani girls skin tone .I am using this product in day makeup and it gives me a really smooth look in day light. Overall i give 9.5/10 for their quality and packaging.

You can buy any Masarrat Misbah products from their website,any Depilex branch,Scentsation outlet among others.

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