And Another Pakistani Flop – Whistle

The latest movie which released last week in Pakistani cinemas is titled Whistle. Whistle is based on the unique subject of drugs and narcotics. Movies on such topics are not usually made in Pakistan. The director and his team tried to bring something different and new with their latest venture titled Whistle. Let’s analyze what Whistle is all about.

Based on the plot of drug trafficking, Whistle revolves around the web of policy makers, policy breakers and people who take oath to keep their motherland free from adversities and negative impacts. Farhan Ally Agha assigns a task to abolish the upcoming drug trafficking task to his two brave sub-ordinates (Sohail Sameer and Osama Bin Ghazi). While executing the task with earnest effort, Sohail bumps in to Tatmain Ul Qulb. Later, multiple incidents take place which lead the story forward which results in uncovering of masks from the innocent faces. Whistle revolves around Islamabad and Afghanistan (border).


Whistle fails to grab the attention of its viewers. It won’t be wrong to say that Whistle is a cinematic disaster which does not offer any thing, neither good performances nor direction. The weakest point of Whistle is its dialogues; dialogues are terrible and don’t have the element of relatability. In the music department Whistle could not score well either.  Songs of the movie fail to get noticed and liked by the viewers. There is an item song titled “Phuljari” and one credit songs “Hashtag”, both songs aren’t impressive at all. These songs look like amateurish attempts.


The movie disappoints in terms of direction as well. Movies like Whistle can do well provided they are directed nicely and reasonably, unfortunately Ammad Azhar fails to portray the authenticity and film falls flat on the ground without engaging its audience. Whether they are fight scenes, chasing sequences, spying drills or any other thing, direction of Whistle is the weakest point.

I rate Whistle 1/5; this is not the way a movie should be made. At box office, this Whistle will be the weakest one – it cannot do business. A FLOP.

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  1. Mr. Siddiqui I’m amazed as to how you can talk soooo negatively about a Film which is being watched again and again. Seems like its your personal grudge with the Director. Whistle is a very crisp cut film without being unnecessary dragged like the rest. Me and my friends have thoroughly enjoyed watching it. ITS A MUST WATCH! An advise for you please don’t discourage Pakistani Films as its people like you who love Indian Content and disapprove Pakistani Films. Not everyone is you! We are very proud of Pakistani films and the effort they are doing for the revival of Pakistani Cinema. Don’t impose your personal opinion on others. Thanks!


  2. Lolll bhai AAP Ko tou political party Mein hona chahiye thaa. Whistle Film has a very nice story and direction reminds me of Shoaib Mansoors direction. Ammad sb is definitely one of the emerging directors and I wish him the best of luck with whistle and future projects.


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