CEO 1NFLUENCE Productions, Rafay Rashdi has annouced early stages of four short film

CEO 1NFLUENCE Productions, Rafay Rashdi has annouced early stages of four short film projects namely SHAHVAAR, Adla Badli, HOUR, Roti Kapra aur Shaitaan, and then one feature film RAAT KE BAAD targeting new film makers to create powerful content.
The projects are spread over a time period of a year. These products will cover 5 genres of film making including
Comedy, Action, Supernatural, Thriller and Fantasy.


While speaking to Rafay Rashdi, we asked him what made him take this intiative, in response he said,
“The Pakistan Cinema Indutry is currently on the rise and I find it my sole responsibilty as a film maker to provide platform to potential film makers assessing their skills through short films, to exhibit their vision and eventually transitioning in to feature films. I have a web series in development due to online content growth. Our goal is to contribute to the pakistan film fraternity.
Numerous film makers have reached out for support, many either aren’t given a chance, or don’t have means to convey their story telling art. I tend to provide them with production facility to create a market and support pakistani cinema.
I would also like to mention Cygnis Media and appreciate their support in this project, because their aim and goal with a mix of upcoming technology in the digital film world relates to my vision 1NFLUENCE has to offer.
I intend to release projects with hard hitting subjects, with social themes, because film is a powerful medium to communicate messages for the audiences. Putting in supernatrual / thriller and various other genres expands the horizon and entertainment value I want to offer my viewers. Pakistan should stand out in the film making world, and I have made it my goal to contribute to the fullest.”
What projects out of these do you plan to kick off first?
Rafay: We recently revealed first look for “SHAHVAAR” for which the concept and scripting is in final stages. Umair Najeeb Khan, very recently directed my short fashion film “Woh Aas” in collaboration with designer Tabassum Mughal
that was very well received. I have passed the mantle on to him for his brilliant direction for the first project.
We’ll start casting very soon, aiming to shoot in March. I wish him the best of luck. However I would like to add, parallel early pre production for my feature focusing more on mystery and supernatrual “Raat Ke Baad” has also commenced and updates will be brought forward as we progress”


Speaking to co-founder and CEO Cygnis Media Ahmed Hashim : “Cygnis’s role with 1NFLUENCE will be to feature animation, visual effects and virtual reality development, hence five projects being showcased. Aim is to leverage the expertise and add a unique twist to the way people will engage with, and consume the content. We’re really excited to show what we have to offer, but it’ll have to wait for a bit. In today’s day & age, digital consumption is the ultimate frontier, and Cygnis Media is on-board to maximize the digital footprint.”
These projects do sound promising and we wish the young and energetic film maker Rafay Rashdi best wishes. Can’t wait to see all these film projects coming our way soon.

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