Khan – 2nd Episode In Review

With a weak start Khan’s first episode could not ignite the excitement and viewers thought that the second episode might bring in some juicier and interesting elements in the drama. Unfortunately, the treatment of Khan looks quite dragged, in the 2nd episode the track of Shehzad Raza and funeral sequence of Khan’s son-in-law were really much dragged. A drama loses its grip if scenes are dragging and have no weight in them. Khan is currently going through the same.


Aijaz Aslam gets some evidence against Khan and shares that with Shehzad Raza, the owner of a press. Raza investigates about the entire story by revisiting past through his resources and shares with Aijaz Aslam that he won’t be able to do the story and he should also forget about unmasking Khan with this particular scandal; else he’ll have to face the consequences. Initially Aijaz Aslam does not get the picture but late Raza defines what he is trying to say. From then another twist comes to the plot of the drama.

The interesting portion was indeed the connection between Aijaz Aslam’s wife (Shaista Lodhi) and Khan. This will turn out to be a different story, if dealt nicely and smartly because currently Khan is going so slow and it seems hard for viewers to be glued to their seats during the drama.



Let us see what the next episode unfolds as Asad, is investigating the murder of Khan’s son-in-law and wants to know every detail pertaining to that; for the me reason he calls Khan’s daughter to tell her that Khan refused for the postmortem although traces of torture were found on her demised husband. What will happen next is still to explore in Khan.

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