Imran Khan upsets fans with his “Phateechar” comments!

When you’re a man of high stature and influence, it’s highly important, almost dead crucial, that you think twice, thrice and a million times before you speak. But, as it seems, Imran Khan does not pay heed to this advice at all. He’s fearless and yes, very racist as Pakistanis have been judging him after his recent ‘phateechar‘ remarks.

This influential leader, ‘the leader of the youth’, as he is called, chose to make derogatory remarks about all international players who played for both teams in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) final in Lahore. He branded all international players as “phateechar” and made further vile remarks saying that he didn’t even know the majority of the so-called foreign players and such players would have come to Pakistan even if the entire PSL was played here, “Aisay lag raha tha ke Africa se players utha kar laye thay!” he added- and yes, in those very words.

Twitter has exploded after Imran’s derogatory remarks and it seems like he’s finally losing followers- thanks to his own efforts.

No matter who you are or whatever your public status, nobody gives you the right to make such vile, racist comments. It is just not acceptable.

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