Shahrukh Khan proposes a Peshawar Zalmi vs KKR series!

King Khan has suggested a three-match series between Peshawar Zalmi and Kolkata Knight Riders at a neutral venue.

PSL Final was a match between Pakistan and terrorism, and it’s no exaggeration to say that Pakistan truly won this match. Cricket returned home and that too in all its glory; the night was full of celebration and victory.

While a lot of effort had to be put in order to make this dream a reality, the end result was worth it all. The win was such that even Bollywood extended their best wishes and congratulatory messages.

Not just this, it came as an even bigger win when Bollywood’s very own King Khan and co-owner of KKR congratulated Javed Afridi on the Zalmi win and offered a series between the two winning leagues. Obviously, this will only take place if the governments of both India and Pakistan permit.

According to The News, Javed Afridi disclosed this development while talking to Jang Correspondent Abdul Majid Bhatti.

Despite all the political tension between the two countries, Afridi seems hopeful for the series. And if all goes well, the series will be played at a neutral venue which would either be London or Dubai.

President Ghani has also invited Peshawar Zalmi to visit Kabul and it seems that cricket will finally bring peace between the neighbouring countries.



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