The trailer of ‘Geo Sar Utha Kay’ reminds us of old Pakistani Cinema!

‘Geo Sar Utha Kay’ is a film based on the CHOTU GANG!

Geo Sar Utha Kay is an upcoming Pakistani movie starring Babar Ali, Sheharyar Cheema, Umar Cheema, Yasir Khan, Naeem Khan, Areeba Khan, Shafqat Cheema, Nayyer Ijaz, Ahmad Qaynaat, Rana Rashid and Mehmood Arshad. Now, when we say it reminds us of old Pakistani cinema, you probably know what we mean, right?

The trailer is out, and not long from now, you will be able to witness the evil, Shafqat Cheema and Nayyer Ijaz are capable of creating.

A movie based on the idea of ‘Chotu Gang‘, that recently terrorised Rajanpur, Geo Sir Utha Kay will be the first film of its kind to hit the Pakistani cinemas since after its revival.

This one’s a pure action thriller that will leave you gripping the edge of the seats. And of course, since it’s based on a gang and its atrocities, you have a masala item song in the movie as well.


Watch the trailer

The teaser trailer shows how the atrocious gangster Kallu has terrorised the entire Rajanpur village. Kallu is savage, he’s ruthless and he’s pure evil. He kills and not feels numb for a second. Atrocities come to Kallu as second nature and every individual in Rajanpur is terrified of him. It is in such terrible conditions, four individuals choose to raise their voice against him and change the system for the better. (Sounds a bit like our Pakistani version of Sholay, no?)

Within three minutes, the trailer introduces us to Kallu and his evil gang and almost everything else the movie has to offer.

“It’s a story of how four best friends decide to change the fate of Rajanpur and when one of them is killed in the process, the three vow to avenge and change the system forever. It’s the story of how these young men realise the helplessness of every person in Rajanpur and involve the Punjab Police to help. Nayyaz Ijaz and Babar Ali also play a very significant role in the movie.” he further added.

I, Ahmad Cheema along with Umar Cheema, Shehryar and Yasir Khan are making their debut with Geo Sar Utha Kay.”- Ahmad Cheema 

He further added,” Geo Sar Utha Kay is a patriotic story of how people gather together to raise their voice against the villainous Kallu and his gang and get their well-deserved freedom from the Pharaoh .”

Directed by Nadeem Cheema, Geo Sar Utha Kay has elements of comedy, thriller, action and a love story all embedded in a story set against beautiful locations of Pakistan.

The film will feature 5 songs, one item number along with four love tracks and a soul theme for the movie. Post production for Geo Sar Utha Kay has been complete and the movie is set to be released somewhere near Eid-ul-Fitr.


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