Fahad Mustafa Met A Girl Riding A Bike In Karachi, What Happened Next Is Quite A Surprise!

To appreciate the services of all women of our society, without whom a major chunk of men’s life would be incomplete and lack polishing, March 8th has been set as a day for women. Women’s Day is celebrated across the world as a thank you gesture towards women of all status, from housemaids to the highest rank in this worldly affair that one can think of. To work upon eliminating all negativity towards women, a day has been set. For this young woman, she met positivity from an unexpected person in a much-unexpected situation.

The girl, Aqsa Chaudhry, had an interest in riding a motorbike so, went ahead with her plans. Soon, she learned all the way and even got the chance to ride a bike alone in her neighborhood. One day while Aqsa was riding her motorbike in Clifton area, Karachi, Fahad Mustafa passed by her in his car. Seeing this “bizarre” view of a girl riding a motorbike so openly in public caught his attention, and he quickly turned back to meet this female rider.

Aqsa explains that it was absolutely unexpected and that she was surprised at the strange event unfolding in front of her. She describes further by telling that Fahad Mustafa appreciated her wish to ride a bike in this society and that she should keep this up as long as she wants.
Aqsa Chaudhry explains that bike riding is her passion, and the city’s transport system made her passion even more powerful. When people said to her that she is just a girl and that she would not be able to do this, it gave her more courage and strength to achieve her goal. That is why she started riding a bike, to prove that there is nothing that women cannot do.

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