ARY Digital’s latest drama ‘Shiza’ starts to a slow beginning!

Will ‘Shiza’ pick up pace and become a hit once Aijaz Aslam makes his entry?

The teasers and OST had gotten our hopes real high and we were presuming Shiza to become an instant hit! We were anxiously waiting to see what the Sanam Chaudhry and Aijaz Aslam starrer had to offer. But since we had great expectations attached, the disappointment was even greater when the first episode proved to be rather slow.

Sanam Chaudhry plays Shiza’s character, who the drama revoles around. She is a petty girl who comes from a poor family. Her father (Rashid Farooqui) is a gambler and her mother despite being sick stitches clothes to make ends meet.

In love with Shiza is a boy called Hashir ( Farhan Malhi) who wants to marry her, but since he belongs to the upper class his mum (Rubina Ashraf) has a hard time digesting the fact that her future daughter in law is not going to be of the same status.

She, however, decides to at least meet Shiza for her son’s sake. But, she makes it clear that she’ll only give her approval upon meeting Shiza herself.

Overjoyed that Hashir convinced his mother for marriage Shiza is happy that something good will take place in her life. But if you are thinking that she is one of those clever ones who wants to marry a rich boy to escape her misery then that is not the case, Shiza is a sweet girl who just happens to be in love.

Besides the above-mentioned cast, we also saw Behroze Sabzwari playing Shiza’s Mamu and Seemi Pasha her mumani who is against her and keeps on taunting her husband for helping his sister and niece financially.

As mentioned above Shiza’s dad is a gambler and he has lost quite a lot of money, he also has no moral values. With Hashir bringing his mother to Shiza’s house and her father trying to escape the goons will Shiza get her happily ever after?

Direction by Syed Ramish Rizvi is all right at the moment, there wasn’t anything impressive which happened in the episode.

Now we know we should give it some time before passing a judgement so we are hopeful that once Aijaz Aslam enters, the drama it will pick up pace and the story will take an interesting turn.

Sanam Chaudhry and Rubina Ashraf were brilliant in their respective roles, especially Chaudhry who is portraying the innocent Shiza well.

So with a stellar cast but a weak beggining, will Shiza become a hit?


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