Intensity, Suspense & Heartbreak are the ingredients of upcoming drama ‘Pujaran’

Sarwat Gilani is set to play the cunning vamp in ‘Pujaran’

The one thing which we really like about TV One is how they make an extra effort to look for scripts which are different yet at the same time appealing to audiences. As seen in the past year, the channel aired some amazing dramas like Main Sitara, Mann Pyasa to name a few and this year they brought for us Munkir and Seeta Bagri.

Now, if you love watching Sarwat Gilani’s Seeta Bagri then you are in for a treat. The same team is gearing up for a new project titled Pujaran whose teasers promise a story worth watching.

Written by Inam Shah and produced by Adnan Siddiqui’s Cereal Entertainment, Pujaran is a story about a woman’s passion for money which threatens to destroy the many lives of those around her. This promises to be an intense and emotional play.

Having viewed its teasers, the story seems to revolve around Madiha, played by Sarwat Gilani, who marries Ramis (Aijaz Aslam) because of her attraction to his wealth. It can be assumed that Madiha belongs to a very humble background and the marriage seems like the ideal escape from her miserable situation. Ramis is apparently unaware of Madiha’s motives but when he does, he decides to part ways by throwing Madiha out of the house. However, Madiha is shown to be calculating and cunning and knows how to get what she wants.

While we are excited to see Aijaz Aslam and Sarwat Gilani’s performances in Pujaran, we are also looking forward to the versatile Zahid Ahmed, who shall portray Abis , Ramis’ younger brother. Now, he comes across as a carefree and happy-go-lucky guy in contrast to the sober Ramis, Abis is married to his cousin Haniya (Alizeh Rasool) and both seem to be madly in love. However, that may change as Abis gets drawn towards Madiha. His personality changes from a fun loving guy to someone who hates deceit and becomes vigilant towards those who attempt to harm him.

Despite the intense storyline, we are optimistic that audience will enjoy watching it since it also features an element of suspense. From Madiha being thrown out of the house to her tension with Ramis, we are expected to be surprised in each episode. We will discover the source of tension between Ramis and Madiha as well as Abis’ eventual involvement.

The drama will also feature Kamran Jilani and Tipu Shareef with direction from Adnan YQ.

Pujaranpromises to be different than the norm, so make sure to tune into TV One on 21st March at 8 pm for the first episode. Watch this space for our review too!


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