Fast And the Furious 8 – Treat For The Fans

One of the most anticipated movies of the year, Fast And The Furious 8 released recently. Will this movie be as bigger a hit at the box office as their previous prequels were? Well, let’s find out to whom this fight-ride belongs to; Diesel, Johnson, Statham, Russell or any other surprise entrant?

So, Fast And The Furious 8 starts in Cuba, where Dom with Letty is having the best part of his life, they are supposedly on their honeymoon and driving cars and racing the hell out with tough guys. Dom continues to earn respect there as well. Soon, Dom is approached by Cipher, a woman with some vicious intentions for the entire world. Things take a dreadful turn when Dom accepts to work for Cipher and turns his back on his “Family”. This gets messier when Hobbs is sent to prison because of Dom. In the prison, he encounters Deckard and they start wrangling. Soon, Mr. Nobody makes a plan to fetch Dom and Cipher with the team of Dom, whom he recently ditched. What happens next is what makes Fast and the Furious 8 worth a watch. There is emotion, there’s drama, there’s genuine fun and there are larger than life stunts which are brilliant.

Vin Diesel looks and breathes his character and he is a natural in the entire movie. Dwayne Johnson is the highlight of the movie. He is good in comic scenes and fabulous in fight sequences. Jason Statham steals the show especially in the climax fight and when he comes face to face with Johnson.

Charlize Theron as “crocodile in the sea” is very effective. She flawlessly holds her command on her character. Tyrese Gibson brings smile in multiple scenes and “Number 11, My Ass” is a sure take home dialogue, along with “Revenge of The Nerd or Black Knight”. Even Scott Eastwood (Little Nobody) does pretty well.

Fast And The Furious 8 is as expected in terms of flying cars, gigantic stunts, heroic punchlines. If you are a Fast And The Furious series fan this one is by far the most interesting watch! GO watch it.

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