What Made Coca Cola Copy Tapal’s Ad?

Advertising enthusiasts are very touchy about good ad-making. This is probably one of the reasons why these days’ professional advertisers are boiling up on the Coca Cola’s latest ad campaign. The Zaalima thing is going a little out of hand. Don’t you think so?

A few days ago another ad was launched under the umbrella of Zaalima Coca Cola Pila De campaign and it’s anything but good. The ad seems hugely inspired (read: copied) from one of Tapal’s TVC. The only difference is the models. It looks ridiculous coming from such a brand i.e. Coca Cola. Why in the world would any brand go for a copied idea of advertisement? I don’t get it.

The problem here is not about the brand war or tea versus coca cola; it is actually about the marketing ethics and approving plagiarized concept . Copying is a serious offence in international market, Tapal wouldn’t be wrong to file a case against Coca Cola (but we are in Pakistan and it seems like intellectual properties are copied with brutality here, and one can’t do anything abut this.) Here is the scene to scene similarity between the two TVCs, decide yourself


By watching this one thing is sure and that is Coca Cola is either targeting one specific brand or is out of ideas, in both cases Coca Cola should improve its standards and follow some professional ethics. A good TVC shares about the brand position, highlights the brand image and tries to impress and inspire viewers; unfortunately Coca Cola’s this new TVC fails to follow anything.

Marketing is all about storytelling and creating relationships; it’s original storytelling and respecting the consumers. Coca Cola is not regarding the consumers, it is evident from the constant tease which the brand is focusing on.

Do share your take on this unabashedly copied TVC by Coca Cola

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