Saba Qamar to star as Qandeel Baloch in a Biopic by Urdu1

Saba Qamar is one of Pakistan’s leading actresses who has not only done well for herself over the past decade in drama serials but will be shortly seen in reel life opposite Bollywood actor Irfan Khan. The gorgeous Saba Qamar is returning to Pakistani screens after her debut in Bollywood. Qamar’s latest project is a biopic based on Fouzia Azeem, better known by the name Qandeel Baloch, a social media luminary. Baloch was killed last year in the name of so-called honour, her murder reignited the debate in Pakistani society over honor killings.

Saba is all set to play Qandeel Baloch, which is indeed a bold step as even today Qandeel is remembered with mix reactions from the Pakistani public. The Biopic Telefilm will air on Urdu1, produced by Nina Kashif.

Rather than just being judgmental do we actually know who Qandeel was before all that fame, and popularity from social media? The point is neither to shed light on her videos nor to praise her on her wrong doings, but to emphasize on how unbearable the act of honour killing is.

Work hard in silence,let success make the noise! #sabaqamar #characterrole #Biopic #khi #rebel

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The set of new photos by Saba reveal a great deal on her get up for the biopic, she is dressed a lot like Qandeel used to. The actress also got two new tattoos on her neck which read ‘work hard in silence, let success make the noise!’

Having always opted for unconventional roles, the award-winning star really commits to her part in any project she works on. And she is doing exactly that in the Qandeel Baloch biopic. We can obviously tell that this project is something very close to Qamar’s heart, as inspite of all the criticism she has opted to be a part of it. It’s a story of a girl who broke the boundaries by leaving her village to earn a living for her family and ended up being the target of honour killing.

Nonetheless, Saba is not really bothered about the immense controversy she will have to face, as she has always been known for her bold and confident attitude, her boycott of the LSAs is a good example. The actress also took to her social media to give her fans a glimpse of her upcoming role play.

Now it’s time to just sit back and wait for the cat to come out of the bag, Good luck From Team BizmaX !!!


By: Mehreen Ahsaan Qazi #TeamBizmaX

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