Ahsan Khan an Icon in the Making

Ahsan Khan the British-Pakistani film and television luminary and philanthropist, is a name that makes millions of girls skip a beat. Although our very handsome Khan does not need any introduction let’s take a quick flashback. He made his debut in 1998 and since then has appeared in the several films and later moved on to television

2017 seems to be Ahsan’s year, having bagged the LSA and two HUM TV awards for his performance in Udaari, Ahsan aims to make sure his  efforts to shed light on the issue of child abuse do not fade away. His work in Udaari as a paedophile, received praises from across the borderUdaari has not only captivated the Pakistani audience with its powerful subject, but has also managed to win hearts across the border.Ahsan Khan in particular, has been well received by audiences and critics for the realistic portrayal of his character, Imtiaz Sheikh, an out of bound character that most would be reluctant to even talk about.

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Apart from being a brilliant actor, Ahsan is a wonderful human and philanthropist, owning a heart of gold, he is always a step ahead in helping his fellow beings. Ahsan was recently seen endorsing a ‘Wall of Kindness’ for the town’s unfortunatesouls.

Being a fun loving, adventures person who loves to travel, Ahsan aims to use his celebrity status to mark a significant change in the society, talking about the most taboo issue of child abuse is definitely a significant start. We really wish more people could stretch a hand forward towards humanity and make this world a better place. We are proud of you Mr. Khan, keep up the virtuousdeeds!!!


By: Mehreen Ahsaan Qazi #TeamBizmaX


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