Humaima Malik to gain 20 KGS for Maula Jutt 2!

Gorgeous Humaima Malick is a part of news these days as she is directed to gain 20 kgs for her upcoming movie Maula jatt 2, where she will be playing the role of “Daroo Natti” opposite Hamza Ali Abbasi.

I live for the silver lining ✨

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Maula jutt 2 is directed by Bilal Lashari and NO it’s not a SEQUEL!!

Humaima was previously seen spreading the magic in the film Dekh Magar Pyaar se opposite Sikander Rizvi. The actress is said to maintain a healthy life style and is having alot of difficulties in gaining 20 kgs.

Have a ☀️ blissful Friday

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Humaima has started eating alot of desi food – Reports stated. ( Wish we could ever gain weight just for a role =D).The film is set to release in later 2017 or early 2018 and seems promising with the revealed cast . Also the reports stated that the film will be released in Punjabi. Lets see what Bilal has for us in his film stock!

Till the further updates stay tuned!

Happy Bizmaxing! =D


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