Project Ghazi – Pakistan’s first superhero movie is releasing close to EidulAzha!

It’s good to see that Pakistani film makers are looking into somethingdifferent  likeSci-fci for films and trying to making a mark in the same. Project Ghazi is directed by Nadir shah and this marks his first feature film. The film features HumayunSaeed, ShehryarMunawar and SyraShehroz in lead roles.


The first teaser has been released and looks quite promising where Syrashehroze will be appreciated in a never before seen, avatar.


The first said to be superhero film is all set for an extra ordinary promotional campaign preceding its release somewhere around EidulAzha.


Tang has appeared as the main sponsor for the film and a proper strategy has been made for the promotional campaigns. As the film is based on a super hero plot the launching campaign seems exciting to us too!

The strategy includes TV shows, road shows, PR events, rich media advertisement and red carpet premiers etc. to engage the audience specially the young youth, the marketing teams have planned an augmented reality video game app and digital comics as well. Seems like Pakistan is approaching the best era of the cinema industry revival.

Also, the film has special VFX effects which makes it a trending topic amoung the youngsters!



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