Ibn-Battuta is surely one of the few places

No one can review every new restaurant in Karachi, but not long ago, I felt confident that I could hit all the ones where one can have a good time with their family and Ibn-Battuta is surely one of the few places that doesn’t only offer delicious food but a beautiful ambiance as well.


After putting through alot of effort and on chef’s recommendation, we ordered : Dynamite prawns (they were super amazing very fresh with just the right amount of crispy) Mutton Mandi Madbee, which was a new addition to their menu. It was served with two chicken tikkas served on the bed of rice and a sauce that added a perfect flavor to the soft and moist rice, IF you like them spicy. Persian tikka – tasted very good with the blend of yogurt, cream and herbs. Creamy handi, perfectly cooked chicken with a slith shade of golden and the right amount of tender, overall a perfect balance of spices. One of the best handis I have had in a long time.


Garlic Naans apart from the usual ones. Nonetheless, they were both soft and fresh. Loved the presentation and distinct taste and flavor of the food. Exceeding my expectations, the food was absolutely delicious. The kind that will want you to revisit the place very often. The ancient vibe of the environment added a plus point to the overall impact of the place. The staff was very active, and the service was excellent. 

Would definitely recommend it to every food lover out there!

Team BizmaX Really Enjoyed There Dinner At Ibn-Battuta

Location : Address: Shop # 5&6, Sumya Comforts, Jamal-ud-Din Afghani Road, B.M.C.H.S., Main Traffic Signal, Sharfabad, Adjacent HBL near, Karachi, Pakistan


Review by Shahrukh Sheikh

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