K-Town is undoubtedly becoming one of the fastest growing foodie

K-Town is undoubtedly becoming one of the fastest growing foodie communities around the world. I recently had a chance of visit newly opened restaurant named “Karachi Social”, located at Zamzama’s 7th commerical lane.

On our server’s recommendation, we ordered;

1) Roast Beef Sandwich
2) Stuffed Chicken with Mozzarella cottage cheese; basically a chicken roulade stuffed with mushrooms and black olives.
3) Dynamite Prawns with a spicy, tangy red sauce.
4) Beef Filet Mignon served with black pepper and mushrooms (well-done).
5) KS Pizza 6) KS Special Lasagna Surpassing my desires, the food was completely delightful.

Everything was cooked to perfection. Received the steak just like we ordered it, well-done. Dynamite prawns made me remember the all-famous D-prawns of P.F. Chang’s.

The Pizza was how it’s supposed to be, moderate topping garnished with just the right amount of Mozzarella. The Roast Beef Sandwich was a simple sandwich. It is basically sliced roast beef on a soft, multi grain bun. An excellent job on the serving!

Food was served within 30 minutes of ordering, considering the place was crowded. The jazz music in the background adds a unique vibe to the overall ambiance of the place which was sophisticated yet relaxing. It’s cozy, neat and clean place managing space effectively. Interior is simple yet soothing. The Service was on point, the waiters were actively engaged in attending the customers making sure their no need was unheard of. Would definitely revisit this gem in near future AND recommend it to every foodie of K-town.

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