A bunch of whole lot of new eateries

Have been introduced in past few months, one of them being “Bonsai”. We recently had a chance to visit this Pan Asian restaurant located at Lane 9, Ittihad commercial, Phase 6, DHA.


There were so many appetizing choices and we couldn’t decide which one to order. On our server’s recommendation we went ahead with :

1) Thai Curry and Dry Beef Chowmein
2) Sushi
3) Hot n’ Spicy Basil Chicken
4) Dynamite Prawns

The food arrived within 30 minutes of ordering, the smell was amazing and the food itself tasted delicious too. Dynamite prawns and the Basil chicken is what stood out for us. Cooked to perfection. The place is an absolute value for money and offers an authentic Pan Asian Cuisine. In the end, it all comes down to customer service, fast response, attention to detail and value for money. It was a truly superb experience, the ambience and the atmosphere was incredible. “Bonsai” surely classifies as Karachi’s one of the most legitimate fine dine-in restaurant.

Food : 9
Service : 9
Ambience : 10

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