Sahir Lodhi – the better end

RJ turned TV host,  Sahir Lodhi is a Pakistani actor and a host of radio and TV shows. He made his first TV appearance in Chai Time on Indus TV, which became a hit morning show and took his ride from there on becoming one of the most famous actor and host of radio and TV shows in Pakistan. Ignoring his accomplishments, Media Houses and critics rarely-miss an opportunity to bash his character.


Recently, the actor was surrounded by severe scrutiny upon the release of his film “Raasta” on March 31st, 2017. Distasteful remarks were made yet again regarding him and his performance in the film. Reacting to which, Sahir Lodhi held a press conference on TV One News and expressed his anger at the comments made.


While many have labelled the press conference as a publicity stunt, some celebrities stood by Lodhi to show their support. Actor and TV show host, Faysal Qureshi and an actor and game show host, Fahad Mustafa shared their thoughts about Sahir Lodhi’s new release ‘Raasta’ and applauded his performance in the film.


While majority of the masses are busy criticizing Lodhi, a few tend to recognize and appreciate the humanitarian character of his. Recently appearing in the exclusive Ramadan transmission on TVOne, “The Sahir Lodhi Show”,  this man represents the epitome of style and succeeds in establishing himself as one of the country’s most generous philanthropists. From giving Umrah tickets to cutting out cheques to complete strangers in need, he never ceases to display acts of kindness despite his fabricated image.


I recently had a chance to meet him in person, along with the team,on the sets of “The Sahir Lodhi Show”. He was completely considerate, cooperative and sincere. He surelydidn’t live up to hisimage that has been portrayed by our media. We as humans often perceivea celebrity’s personality on the basis of their displayed character on-screen but upon deeper inspection we realize that there lays a good side to everyone and everything.

Team BizmaX at The Sahir Lohdi Show

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