Project Ghazi” which is said to be Pakistan’s first Super hero movie.

Pakistani Film industry is experiencing new genres through its revival journey and this is leading to some amazing ideas like ” Project Ghazi” which is said to be Pakistan’s first Super hero movie.


Recently the trailer launch of much awaited film “Project Ghazi” held at Mariott Hotel in Karachi by GYR films and was attended by Humayun Saeed, Sheryar Munawar Siddiqui and Syra Shehroz where trailor of the film was shown to the media for the first time.

Project Ghazi is directed by Nadir H. Shah and produced by Syed Mohammad Ali Raza. The action sci-fi has been completely shot in Pakistan and stars Sheheryar Munawar, Syra Shehroz & Humayun Saeed in pivotal roles. Background score has been composed by Taurees Habib.

A few statements from the Producer and director of the film.

“I am honoured to have worked with a team of extremely talented individuals who have put their all in the movie.” shared Syed Mohammad Ali Raza, Producer of the movie.

“It’s a unique genre for Pakistan and could open doors for new and unexplored stories to reach audiences.” said Nadir H. Shah, Director of Project Ghazi.

“Mondelez is committed to supporting talent and we believe that local talent plays a vital role in the development and image building of a nation. We are extremely excited about the rise of new cinema in Pakistan and looking forward to lending our support to such promising initiatives – like Project Ghazi – in the future as well.” Shared Usman Muneer, MD Mondelez Pakistan.

The movie revolves around Zain( Sheryar Munawar) who is a part of Project Ghazi

Salar (Humayun Saeed) his mentor,

Syra Shehroz and Talat Hussain as the scientists who will me solving the mystery behind the super powers of the Project Ghazi Soldiers

and Qatan – The Villain (Adnan Jaffer) .


Also the film has some impressive action sequences which makes the movie looks so promising and interesting.

The artists seems to enjoy working in this first Sci-Fci film. Syra said that it’s a dream come true for her.

Project Ghazi will be hitting cinema screens across Pakistan on 14th July. We wish the Project Ghazi team all the very best.

Till next one stay tuned!
Happy Bizmaxing! =D
By:  Mishaal #TeamBizmaX


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