TEEFA IN TROUBLE additional cast joins Ali Zafar and Maya Ali in Poland! #TNT

Director Ahsan Rahim casts exciting ensemble of seasoned and emerging actors

 [Lahore: 23rd June 2017]Earlier this year, director Ahsan Rahim announced his directorial feature film debut,TEEFA IN TROUBLE [#TNT], and cast his lead actors, superstar Ali Zafar and Maya Ali.As the film commences its second spell of filming in Warsaw, Poland,the director and his lead actors are now joined by an exciting ensemble cast in Europe.

Introducing theinimitable actor and icon,Javed Sheikh cast as father to Maya Ali’s character Anya. Rahim has also cast the man behind some of Pakistan’s most clever comic marketing and longtime collaborator, funnyman Faisal Qureshi as Teefa’s friend and main man. Rahim further introduces emerging actors MahenurHaider as character Anya’s best friend and Fia Khan as Javed Sheikh’s wife. The film’s Lahore spell also includes a dynamic cast of veteran and upcoming actors, to be revealed soon.

TEEFA IN TROUBLE is a romantic action comedy. The feature film is being produced by Lightingale Productions. Indeed director Rahim is critically acclaimed for his ground-breaking work across music videos and for defining a new style for advertising with his commercials.

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