Have a look at the newly opened ChenOne store at LuckyOne Mall !!

ChenOne – the complete household store opened its doors for audience at LuckyOne Mall.

“Expansion of local stores portrays positive image of Pakistan”, says alBaraka COO

CEO ChenOne expressed the company’s vision of expanding the network aiming at bringing to customers the best quality and highly fashionable products ranging across garments, home textile, accessories and furniture.

The store offers an extensive range of house hold products, wardrobe for Men, Women and children, home accessories and much more.


If you are still looking for some charm to add to your house this EID , ChenOne – LuckyMall outlet is the place to be.


You can also find some great bedding stuff at this outlet as well, giving a variety to choose from.


Ladies, if you haven’t yet bought your Eid dress and slippers rush to ChenOne LuckyMall outlet as they have some really cool outfits, just what you need this summers.


And my craze of buying matching slippers with every suit increased here ! =D

Have a look at their wide range of colourful yet fashionable slippers to match with your every Eid outfit.


And why only Women, they have complete range for kids and Men as well!!



It was worth visiting the store, also they are having a special discount on their products for EID, so don’t wait visit NOW!! ChenOne – LuckyOne Mall !!


Till the next one Stay tune!

Happy Bizmaxing!!

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