Our Childhood phone Nokia 3310 is BACK!!

Most of us can recall those days when there were nonstop snake chase struggles and no matter what you do with your Nokia 3310 – it remains the same !

The indestructible phone Nokia 3310 is back with a bang, it was launch in Pakistan on July 16 at the price of Rs 6,490. The phone is available in Warm red, yellow both with a glossy look, grey and dark blue with a matte finish look.

Nokia 3310 was a feature phone and the legacy  continued with the latest version as well, with the new one you get Nokia’s Series 30+ software, a 2.4-inch QVGA display, 2-megapixel camera and a microSD card slot dual sim and not to forget the updated version of our very favorite game “Snake”.

The HMD Global country head in Pakistan, Kamran Khan, said the company had decided to release the phone in Pakistan after seeing how excited Pakistani consumers were following the announcement of the phone at the Mobile World Congress in February 2017.

At the point when the various cell phone brands are going crazy by releasing really advanced cell phones, Nokia chose to roll out an improvement by propelling a patched up 3310 by this year !

The phone is released by HMD Global in a partnership with Jazz.


Nokia3310isback was trending on Twitter for two consecutive days, this clearly shows the love for this iconic phone.


Let’s get the snake game going AGAIN!

Till the next one , Happy Bizmaxing!! =D

By: Mishaal #TeamBizmaX

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