Syed Noor’s “Chain Aye Na” trailer makes us think that are we actually towards the betterment of Cinema ?

2017 is considered as the best year for Pakistani film industry but after movies like Waar, Bin Roye, Na Maloom Afraad, Ho Mann Jahan and many more, we just experienced the trailer of Syed Noor’s “Chain Aye Na”. Firstly , it took me a few seconds to understand that what I was watching is a trailer and not a short film with the length of almost 5 Minutes.

And I am pretty sure that there are no expectations with “Chain Aye Na”,  the director should have at least thought that this is 2017 and Pakistani film industry is through the good times and the audience wan’t really really good entertainment , powerful story line and execution and not some chessy and cheap romance.


Also, it’s really sad to see some really senior actors in the cast lineup . I wonder why these awesome actors chose to work in this film!


The lead couple Shehroze and Sahrish are not at all looking good as a couple on the screen. I mean seriously ? In a few scenes Sahrish is actually looking elder than Shehroze.


Jelly or Ketchup ?


The editing is definitely not upto the mark and the film seems like a very low budget one.

Also the movie have some really cringe-worthy scenes where the vamp is almost lying over the bad boy Murad!! Is this kind of scenes and dialogues like “Can I kiss your hand” are the calibre of our movies?

Bad direction, Forceful dance moves, not so impressive dialogues and no different storyline!

Let’s see for how long this film stays on the Box office after release!

Till the next one stay tuned and keep us bookmarked!

Happy Bizmaxing! =D

By: Mishaal #TeamBizmaX


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