After Wrong No, Yasir Nawaz, NidaYasir and Danish Taimour collaborated again for “Mehrunnisa V Lub U” .( Is Danish Taimour , Yasir’s favourite ? )

The film was premiered in Karachi on Friday in the presence of fans and media.

The film around Danish who plays the character of ali, who has returned from China and is ready to marry his childhood love ,Mehru ( Sana Javed ). Mehru is a girl who lives in the calm and beautiful atmosphere of Northern areas and it was difficult for her to adjust in Karachi , which is a hustle bustle and dirty city for her. And for this purpose, Ali realizes that their area has actually become so disorganized and talks to his “Muhallaywalas” to maintain cleanliness as that’s important for all of us and so that he can go ahead and start a family with Mehru once she comes out of depression.


Now here comes the actual message of the film i.e “Cleanliness”.The film then continues with a villain coming in who wants to sold out that area and then they all fight against him.


It seemed that Yasir has learned from his previous mistakes in Wrong number and had tried to do better this time. The film has action, drama and romance but lack a strong character recognition.

The character of Mehru is shown as a very shy new bride who doesn’t talks much which is not justice to Sana Javed’s acting skills as she is a brilliant actor hence proved in dramas. There should be more done to her character!

And YES we have an item number by “AmnaIlyas” so now there was actually no need of an item number as per the storyline, and celebrating the coming of a baby with an item song is a not so good idea! The whole film has such dialogues and double meaning comedy , which can’t be watched with family! A film not to watch with family on EID!

The film has a lot of songs which is good for the film itself, lyrics by Gulzar and vocals by Sukhwinder singh, Armaan malik and more, the film also has some beautiful visuals which make you have a look at the better prettier Pakistan.

And not to forget Nayyaz Ejaz played the role of the villain which is by far the best uptil now in the Pakistani cinema industry.

The trailer of MVLU raised the expectations but the execution was not upto the mark . May be a better direction and dialogues the concept have been highlighted in a better manner!

Till next one stay tuned! Have a happy , healthy EID ! J

Happy Bizmaxing!!

By: Mishaal #TeamBizmaX

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