“Shor Sharaba” another shock to Pakistani film industry!

After Syed Noor’s “Chain Aye Na’s ” not so impressive trailor, “Shor Sharaba’s ” first look just released and left us speechless, its just so unbearable for the awam who likes to watch stories like Bin Roye, Ho Mann Jahan, Waar and so on.

The released song from the movie is nothing but a piece of failed dance party song.

SHOR SHARABA is a Urdu feature film produced by Sohail Khan and Directed by Hasnain Hyderabadwala from India. Movie is being choreographed by Reshma Khan who is also from the neighboring country India. This film marks singer Rabi Peerzada debut and feature “Mohabbatan Sachiyian” fame actor /model Adnan Khan.

Rabi revealed that she belongs to a conservative family, she wanted to be part of the silver screen from a long time but the kind of films which were made previously did not gave her space to seek permission from her family. Further Rabi said “that the Pakistani movies that are being released now are much more moralistic than before.The new ones had scripts based on lighter topics, and featured new talent, which was a welcome change.”

Shor sharaba revolves around a cross – collaboration story of India and Pakistan . Because of vast coverage the film is shot over different locations . (Well, the released trailer didn’t gave us a hint of this, but let’s see)

The released song looks like a dance party with ladies wearing revealing clothes. The song itself is not at all a catchy tune neither the visualization is ! I wonder can’t a film become hit without these kind of cheapness ?

This film is set to release this year! Let’s see where it takes the Pakistani film industry too!

Till next one stay tuned !

Happy Bizmaxing!

By: Mishaal #Team BizmaX

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