“Yalghaar” “Mehrunnisa V Lub U” Box Report….

EID holidays proved to be a win win for both new releases “Yalghaar” and “Mehrunnisa V Lub Yew”

The opening of both the films was house packed and served a good amount on the first day of release. On the 2nd day also they maintained a good position and witnessed commendable growth. The 3rd day of Eid was relatively less busy and packed because of the last holiday but all in all both the releases gathered a good amount so far . Below is a breakdown of the box office collections

Mehrunisa V Lub U:


‘Mehrunisa V Lub U’, collected 1.1 crore on the opening day and saw remarkable  growth of 60% on Day 2, dropped by just 20% on last holiday. The film gathered approximately 1.4 crore on Day 3, taking its three day collections to 4.25 crore. This is really impressive for the film facing  tough competition with the war saga ‘Yalghaar’.

Here is the breakdown of three-day collections of ‘Mehrunisa V Lub U’.

  • Day 1 (Monday): 1.1crore
  • Day 2 (Tuesday): 1.75 crore
  • Day 3 (Wednesday): 1.4crore

Total: 4.25 crore approx.


Yalghaar held a strong position since the beginning and maintained same for the third day as well. The film added approximately 2.20 crore on Day 3, with a very minor drop of just 10%. It brings its three day collections to almost 6.35 crore. The film leaves behind the other  release by a huge margin of 35%.

Here is the breakdown of three-day collections of ‘Yalghaar’.

  • Day 1 (Monday): 1.75 crore
  • Day 2 (Tuesday): 2.40 crore
  • Day 3 (Wednesday): 2.20 crore

Total: 6.35 crore approx.

After Fast 8, Yalghaar has had the second biggest opening of 2017.

Super Cinemas general manager Khorem Gultasab stated his sentiments as . “We gave 48% shows to Yalghaar and 43% to Mehrunissa at our cinemas, providing them the maximum space to prove themselves. And they did,” he said.

Gultasab said Yalghaar attracted a mainly young crowd enthusiastic for an action film experience whereas Mehrunissa brought in more families, women in particular. “I would say Yalghaar’s biggest success was reigniting the nationalistic sense in our youth. I saw people chanting Pakistan Zindabad as they walked out of the cinemas. On the other hand, Mehrunissa brought a lot of happiness. I was in the theatre watching the people and everybody had a smile on their faces.” (Courtesy : Tribune)


Yalghaar pays homage to the brave soldiers of our country by showing how it effects the lives of soldiers and their families.The film also have a beautiful melody to remember “ Yaadnaawein”.  It’s a film which includes action, romace and comedy altogether.

Whereas, MVLU is a film having drama,action and romance with some beautiful locations of Northern Pakistan and a few good songs.

Both the films have maintained a good position uptill now as compare to the previous releases like

Balu Mahi and chalay Thay Saath which hardly crossed 3 crores.

The vacations are now over and the real test begins from now. Let’s see which movie appears as the box office champion of these two!

Stay tuned to Bizmax TV for further updates.

Happy Bizmaxing !!




By: Mishaal #TeamBizmaX

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