Farhan Saeed performed to a jam packed concert at Mauritius with Urwa !!

Farhan Saeed is one of the most popular and deserving singers of Pakistan. Last year he performed at more than 50 concerts around the country and now performed in Mauritius, a must have treat for his international fans. Farhan Saeed is not only is a good singer but also a great actor too. His singing skills can be surely judged from mesmerizing songs like Sajni, Tuthoridair, Mere Ajnabi’s OST and the list goes on… Also, he has contributed to the Bollywood film industry and has performed in a number of concerts there too.


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He didn’t go there alone but his better half Urwa Hoccane accompanied her for his concert AND both are there to celebrate Urwa’s birthday on the 2nd July as well which will be a destination birthday. It’s so cute to see the duo travelling together and supporting each other in a manner which gives relationship goals to the others. Farhan proposed Urwa in Paris, just in front of the Eiffel Tower and both got married in December 2016.

This star couple was caught at Dubai airport waiting for flight to this exclusive concert and they surely have a love story to be impressed with, with how they take out time for each other’s work and priorities.

And, they surely know how to rock their travelling outfit. Both of them are looking simple yet stylish in these comfy outfits.
Have a look at these pictures from his Mauritius concert.

Making his international fans crazy for sure.


You just stole the show Farhan, and we are already flattered by your dress sense and looks !!

Both, Urwa and Farhan look like a fairytale couple and it’s a story which will go on and beyond !!


Wish you both all the best for all your upcoming projects! J

Till next one stay tuned and Happy Bizmaxing !! =D



By: Mishaal #TeamBizmaX

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