Sarfaraz Ahmed’s biopic to be lead by Fahad Mustafa?

It has recently been noted according to an Urdu-language newspaper that Fahad Mustafa is to star in Pakistan’s humble hero, Sarfaraz Ahmed’s biopic.

As mentioned in the column, the film will be entitled “Salam Sarfaraz” and the production would be supervised by USA-based Pakistani singer, Ali Zaman. It also further mentioned that the casting for the movie was in development and would be concluded by August, whereas the film would be shot in USA, London and Dubai. What gets us thrilled is that the film would commemorate highlights of the finals of Champions Trophy 2017, where Pakistan, at their most magnificent, swarmed all over India to win the Champions Trophy by 180 runs.

However, Fahad Mustafa denies any official confirmation of such sort, stating that, “I’ve not heard of any such thing. I don’t even know where the news or the idea came in from. But it’s definitely a good idea though, not a bad one at all.”

Fahad Mustafa is known for his oozing charm and witty sense of humor. The actor is currently busy hosting his game show, Jeeto Pakistan while the fans wait eagerly for the release of his two upcoming films, Na Maloom Afraad 2 and Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2.

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